'The Trailblazer.' (TimeOut)

'It is not possible to talk lucidly about the current London cabaret scene without mentioning either Dusty Limits or Michael Roulston.' (Paul Vale,

'A fabulously slick and confident performance… the gloriously uncensored songs are well written and very funny. Unabashedly eloquent and at times viscerally personal” – ThreeWeeks ★★★★ on Psycho.

A hugely varied and accomplished collection of brand new songs written with Michael Roulston, on subjects from serial killers to ennui to closet cases, in styles ranging from Lieder to tango to electronica.” ★★★★★ TimeOut on Psycho.

One of the foremost practitioners of the art of cabaret… If only the show was twice as long… Do. Not. Miss. This.” – ★★★★ The Scotsman on Post-Mortem.

'As a mortician, I was especially amused by your satire and wit.' (Fan email from the USA)

'Taut, vicious and hilarious.' ***** (Skinny)

'Dusty Limits is fantastic, like a dark, louche angel.' Martyn Jacques (Tiger Lillies)

'Dusty Limits broke my heart.' (Julie Christie)

'He is simply the best at what he does and a chance to see him perform should never be missed.' **** (Edinburgh Spotlight)

'His vocals are astonishing, with incredible power and subtlety.' **** (FringeGuru)

'Beautiful to behold, with West End-worthy vocal chords.' **** (Scotsman)

'One of the form's very best.' (TimeOut)

'A boundlessly charismatic performer.' **** (ThreeWeeks)

'Some of the finest vocals I have ever heard.' (Cabaret Hotline)

'Breathtakingly fresh and exciting.' ***** (Hairline)

'Risqué, rude and recommended, Dusty Limits is in a realm of his own.' **** (ThreeWeeks)

'The show sees the pioneering cabaret performer deploy his consummate wit and assured audience rapport in the service of a terrific set that combines strong original songs (written with ace accompanist Michael Roulston) with gorgeous covers. 'Ashes to Ashes' and 'Glory Box' are standouts.' (***** Time Out London)

'Obsessed with obituaries, he is wondering what his legacy will be when he departs this Earth. That's easy: a lifetime of heartbreakingly beautiful singing, a legion of swooning fans (male, female, and everything in between) and recognition as one of the foremost practitioners of the art of cabaret.... If only the show was twice as long. Do. Not. Miss. This.' (**** Scotsman)

'It’s one thing to have a superb voice, which Dusty Limits has. It’s quite something else to put it consistently to the service of songs that tell stories, with melodies that thrill, and lyrics that challenge and provoke. He is a wonderful cabaret artist, and a joy.' (4.5/5 Artshub)